We picked the Behistun inscrpition for the banner at the top of our blog because it symbolizes our three main interests: Iranian languages, linguistics, and translation.

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  1. Hi Brian,

    I’ve just posted a couple of links to your site to the Sogdian-L discussion group. If you haven’t heard of this group and have any curiosity about it, the homepage is located here:


    I’m very happy to see that translation of Khromov’s book has begun, and the bibliographical information that you have provided here is also very helpful, although I suspect that some of the titles will be hard to come by in the United States. I look forward to having a detailed look at your lexicon in the near future.

    Best wishes,

    James Ward
    Santa Ana, California


  2. Hi James,

    Thank you for connecting me with the members of the Sogdian-L discussion group. I didn’t even know such a group existed! It would be interesting to hear how each of you became interested in Sogdian.

    I agree that many of the publications listed in my Yaghnobi bibliography may be hard to find in the USA, but not impossible. I have some of these and am willing to scan portions for those who request them. Guests who have left comments on this blog may have access to other materials and may be willing to share them, and some are available through itnerlibrary loan. If we all work together we will all benefit!


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    Prof. Fred Cabuang


  4. Hey there! I just this minute encountered the problem with the LSA not wanting parentheses around numbers in the text, which Word automatically puts in there. Your solution works perfectly. You are geniuses! Geniuses, I say! Many, many thanks!!


  5. You’re welcome!


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