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Introductory iOS App Development course

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Next term, at LCC, I will be teaching a course in iPad and iPhone app development, CS235IM, Intermediate Mobile App Development: IOS. This is an introductory course (the title “intermediate” is misleading) in writing apps for iOS using C# and Xamarin.iOS (formerly MonoTouch). We will cover the basics of:

  1. Setting up your development environment
  2. Model-View-Controller architecture
  3. Adapting to device rotation
  4. Multiview applications
  5. Tab bars and pickers
  6. Table views
  7. Split views and pop-opvers
  8. Application settings

The benefits of writing apps using Xamarin MonoTouch are:

  • They can be easily ported to Android, Windows Phone, Mac OS-X, and Windows.
  • If you are already a .NET programmer, you can use a language (C#) and class libraries (.NET) that you already know.
  • Xamarin’s cross-platform solution is the only one which produces iOS apps that compile to native code.

The course starts March 30th and runs for 10 weeks. The course is available both online…

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